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Chillum is a traditional indian pipe.

It’s used to smoke the resin, the flower or the pollen of the plant.

who am i

I am an italian chillum maker, nick-named Freccia living in Bologna.
I produce cillums made of natural italian clays, no colorhobby clays.
You can read  my product philosophy.
I can make any kind of chillum, it’s hand made with perfect straight and shiny inside compliant to the italian tradition.
My chillums are baked at a professional ceramist no DIY and are Not coloured with artificial paint.
I get different colors only by using different clay mix.
You can see pictures (near each picture you find some useful info: cilum code, cm long, cooker diameter, mouthpiece diameter):

rosso series

mix series

white series

extra stone and woolen envelope

chillum shop

If you are interested or want a chillum merchandise for reggae – drum & bass – goa – rave parties etc, don’t hesitate to contact

I offer the best quality with a fair price:

1.5€ per cm that is 3.81€ per inch.

Each cilum comes with a stone included, if you want you can have an extra stone for 5 €.

Also you can buy a nice coloured woolen envelope to protect your cillum, it costs 5 €.

shipping is not included costs only 5 € each cillum.

All chillum pipes  found on this site are guaranteed 100% produced entirely by hand using only natural clay, no molds, presses, turnings and other mechanized systems. That gives a unique shape to each chillum pipe and allows you to choose the one you like.

how to get a chillum

near each picture you find some useful info: cilum code, cm long, cooker diameter, mouthpiece diameter you can add your favourite to the cart and use paypal.
for any question or customization simply send an email with the cilum code or specify size and colour you like.


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