chillum shop

Chillum is a traditional indian pipe.

It’s used to smoke the resin, the flower or the pollen of the plant.

chillum shop

If you are interested or want a chillum merchandise for reggae – drum & bass – goa – rave parties etc, don’t hesitate to contact

I offer the best quality with a fair price:

1.5€ per cm that is 3.81€ per inch.

Each cilum comes with a stone included, if you want you can have an extra stone for 5 €.

Also you can buy a nice coloured woolen envelope to protect your cillum, it costs 5 €.

shipping is not included costs only 5 € each cillum.

All chillum pipes  found on this site are guaranteed 100% produced entirely by hand using only natural clay, no molds, presses, turnings and other mechanized systems. That gives a unique shape to each chillum pipe and allows you to choose the one you like.


rosso series

mix series

white series

extra stone and woolen envelope